Monday, November 9, 2015

Whole 30 Update

So it's been just under a month since I finished the Whole 30 experiment. I reintroduced all of the food groups and noticed that no particular food bothered me greatly. I did note that when I mix dairy and gluten together (pizza) I feel less than ideal, but it's not the worst feeling ever. I think most people might feel this way after too much pizza.

I have maintained my weight loss and I am still not really drinking alcohol. I've had a few drinks since the end of the challenge, but no beer.

My plan is to do another round of Whole 30 after I get back from my Christmas cruise. Right now I have a broken dishwasher and too many activities to try to be a good planner. Yes, this the lamest excuse ever. My stepdad is going to look at my dishwasher soon, so then I won't mind dirtying up a gazillion dishes. But this plan also gets me through the holidays. I figure as long as I'm still feeling well enough to train (did I mention I started running again?), I'll be fine. I'm sleeping well, and while my energy has faded somewhat, I'm notorious for wanting to hibernate this time of year.

So that's my update.