Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Whole 30 Day 30: I told you I was a bad blogger

So, you may be wondering what I've been up to.  Or maybe not.  Anyway, I've been up to all kinds of good stuff.  Like learning what marimbas are, what "gate time" means at a marching band competition, and that I should buy stock in clarinet reed manufacturing companies.

Today's the last day of this food experiment starring moi.  And I'm really pleased with what I've learned.  In the last month I've learned that I feel great when I avoid processed foods.  I've learned that with a little bit of planning I really can eat lots of vegetables and delicious proteins with far less effort than I ever imagined.  I also managed to only eat out at a restaurant TWICE.  And I haven't had a drop of alcohol since September 12 when I went to see Madonna in concert.  I'm not a daily drinker by any means, but I did miss my weekend cocktail or IPA.

I have a plan for reintroducing the foods I've avoided.  It starts with legumes and I'll do that tomorrow.  I'm going to have hummus with lunch and I'm making taco bowls for dinner and mine will feature black beans.  The rest of my diet throughout this phase will be compliant.  I think on Sunday or so I'll try non gluten-y grains and then next week I'll have some cheese.  Cheddar, please.  Maybe some blue cheese on my salad.  Mmm.....cheese.  After that I'll have some wheat.  Will it be pasta?  Will it be bread????  I haven't decided.  Too bad I can't just have pizza and see what happens.  I'll have to keep each group on its own so I can (hopefully) identify which food is causing my problems.  If I can't decide which food is causing my problems, I think I'll try to live my life the Whole 30 way for the majority of the time and then also live. 

You're probably wondering how much weight I lost and all that.  And I'll tell you.  Tomorrow.  I'm weighing in and taking measurements.  People have definitely noticed that I look different though!

Lastly, I could not have gotten through this without the support of my friends, my family, and my voodoo chip maker.  Many thanks to all of you.  But mostly the chip maker.

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