Thursday, October 1, 2015

Whole 30 Day 18: Let there be mayo

I decided to try to make mayo again.  The last successful batch I had was emulsified, but not as emulsified as it could be.  I was using my stick blender with a whisk attachment which was part of the problem.  I tried fixing my broken mayo from last weekend in my Ninja blender and that bombed because the blender cup was just too big for the quantity of mayo.  Then I remembered I'm dumb and that I have a smaller food processor cup for the Ninja that might work.


And just like that, I have a more emulsified mayo.  I can't wait to try it.  Maybe I'll make some tuna salad tomorrow.

Anyway, we're knee deep in Hurricane Joaquin memes here and I'm working on my plan for the weekend and what to do if the power goes out.  The answer is grill everything.

Oh!  How could I forget the biggest, bestest news of the week???  Yesterday I had my follow up with my rheumatologist.  As I expected, my blood work was all normal except for a borderline low D3 count.  The low vitamin D concerned me because I already take 1,000 IUI pretty regularly AND summer just ended.  And I was outside.  A lot.  Anyway, I told her I was doing Whole 30 and that since I started I'd been feeling pretty good and that I hadn't needed the Meloxicam that often.  She liked that and then suggested I up my D to 2,000 IUI.  And we'll check it again in a few months or whatever.  Anyway, that's the good news. 

Yay Whole 30!

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