Thursday, September 17, 2015

Whole 30 Day Four: I ate out and didn't stab anyone!

Hi kids!  I survived Day Four of the Whole 30.  And I didn't stab anyone.  That's winning.

I didn't wake up hungry and I broke the "rule" of drinking coffee before eating anything, but I did manage to eat something after only an hour of being awake.  That's huge for me!  I ate some more breakfast hash with eggs, veggies, and guac.  I got some approved hot sauce yesterday, so my mouth was super happy.

After walking my daughter to school, I changed into my Cinderelly clothes and unleashed my inner Monica.  I got a ton of cleaning done.  I was tempted to make the kids stay outside after school today so that my beautiful sanctuary stayed spotless.  I met a friend for lunch and it was easier than I thought, though I did eye her sandwich quite a bit.  I ordered a simple salad, added grilled chicken and avocado and got the raspberry vinaigrette.  I added some pickled jalapenos to it (can you tell I like spicy things?) and that really made the dish.  I was pleasantly full but not stuffed.  Does that make sense?  I'm noticing that feeling these last few days.  I feel happy and satisfied with what I've eaten but not all blarghy and gross.  It's nice.

For dinner I threw the meatballs and sauce* I prepped yesterday into a crock pot and walked away.    I had the meatballs with the roasted spaghetti squash I'd already cooked.  I sprinkled on my hots (this time crushed red pepper) and pretended like I was actually eating pasta.  I wasn't.  But I wasn't miserable.  I tried to get the kids to try the squash (no dice), but they did eat the meatballs which were secretly filled with carrots.  Bwahahahahaha, kids!

I don't feel quite as tired today as I did the other days.  Progress.  Tomorrow is going to be busy!  I'm subbing and The Boy has a performance with his marching band.  I'm nervous I'll be tempted to eat bad things, but I'm just going to pack a bunch of portable snacks.  I'm one of the marching band food moms so I'm going to be there making sure everyone eats and whatnot.  Also, I'm not subbing in my usual class, the special needs class needs a sub and they asked me if I'd switch.  I'm hoping that doesn't throw off my usual eating routine at school.  I'm flattered they are already seeking me out so early in my subbing career, but since I know them already from The Boy's IEP/504 whatnot, I think they have confidence that special needs kids don't scare me.  They don't.  She also told me she'd feel better having someone she knows in the class with those kids rather than just some random sub who pushed "1" during the robo-call.  That kind of made my day.

*The sauce I referenced yesterday called for honey.  I left it out.  I am still pouting about this.  

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