Saturday, September 26, 2015

Whole 30: What day is it???

I missed updating my blog on my Whole 30 adventure for a few days. Oops.  While my energy in general has been better, at night time I'm toast.  Especially after dinner making and kid wrangling and what not. 

I tried a new recipe for Meatza and while I wouldn't call it a fail, I wouldn't call it a win either.  It was just too weird for me to wrap my brain around.  I topped mine with onions and peppers.  It made me not hungry, so it did its job.  It was not pizza.  Sigh.

I changed up my salad for when I was at school and added shrimp instead of chicken.  That was a nice change.  The frittata/egg bake I made for brunch has been fab for breakfasts.  Even though I'm eating a variety of things, I'm kind of bored with what I'm eating.  To combat this, I'm making a W30 compliant chicken curry tonight.  I need something exotic-ish and different. 

So that's a basic wrap up from the last few days.  I'm still following the rules and getting through my days.  I'm waking up naturally and not feeling tired (as evidenced by my 7 am blog post on a Saturday).

I would like to discuss my homemade mayonnaise for a second, though.  Even though it's tasty, it's just too runny.  I've googled and tried all the tricks and it just won't set up and get thick and delicious like the store bought stuff in a jar.  I'm going to make another batch today, but I'm going to use just an egg yolk instead of the whole egg.  This makes me happy because raw egg yolks are far less gross and nasty than raw egg whites.  Raw egg whites squick me out.  I'm not worried about the raw egg, I buy eggs locally from a farm that lets their chickens mill about freely.  I'm also going to use less lemon juice.  The flavor has been a bit too lemony in my last few batches.  Maybe I'll switch it up to regular vinegar for this batch and see how it goes.  Oh....adventures in mayonnaise.

Lastly...these microwave chips are getting me through this PMS-y week.  I think.  I'm not sure if The Husband agrees.  I hid upstairs last night while they ate real pizza.  Well, it was Papa John's...I'm not sure how real that is.  Anyway, look at these chips!  From the microwave!  No oil.  Just potato and salt.  Nom nom nom.

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