Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Whole 30 Day Three: A Haiku

Day 3 Haiku
Crusty bread and cheese
Deliciousness that I want
A single tear falls 

Despite my intense desire to nosh on all the bread and all the cheese, I feel pretty good.  I'm still all achy and I'm still taking my Meloxicam (rx NSAID), but I don't feel hungry.  I don't feel deprived.  I don't feel put out at all except for that I want some goddamn bread.  I'm sure this will pass.  I've been drinking my coffee black for weeks now, so that I'm not even sad about the missing cream.  We get our milk delivered from a creamery and their creamer is sooooooo good.  But like I said.  I don't miss it.  Much.


Anyway, I made meatloaf meatballs from this cookbook today for dinner tomorrow.  I totally tasted one.  Just kidding I tasted three.  They were pretty good.  They'll be better with some zoodles and sauce, which is on tap for tomorrow.  I'm pretty pleased with the recipe, it made 45 meatballs.  I flash froze half and will have them on hand for when I'm lazy and don't feel like cooking busy and don't have time to cook.  I also made a gigantic batch of veggie soup in my crock pot.  The kids hated it, of course.  But they tried it.  Baby steps.  The Husband grilled up some chicken which I added to my soup.  The kids put their chicken on buns and had grilled chicken sandwiches.  Oh, about my chicken.  I totally brined it like the best chicken ever I mentioned in Day Two, but it was a simple brine with just salt, garlic, and peppercorns.  To prep for the grill, I just rubbed it down with some salt, pepper, and olive oil.  It was super tasty.  I'll never not brine my chicken breasts again.

I'm not subbing again until Friday, so I'm planning to clean up the house a bit tomorrow and I'm  meeting a friend for lunch.  Dinner is already basically done and I've got my leftover frittata, so I don't have any real cooking to do tomorrow.  I've stalked the menu of the place we're going and I think I've got my choice made.  I'm sure you'll be super shocked to know that it involves a grilled food item and salad greens.  

So, aside from wanting to organize a heist of my local bakery, I'm doing pretty well. I'm going to go distract myself with some Arrow on Netflix now.  You should watch this show.  Many beautiful people.  Good story line.  And beautiful people. 

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