Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Whole 30: Midway update

Well, I'm past the midway point now!  It's all down hill from here.  I read the reintroduction section of the book so I could plan for when and how I would reintroduce the food groups that I've eliminated these last fifteen days.  In my "I just play a doctor on TV" opinion, I feel like they don't allow enough time between food group introductions.  They call for 3-4 days, I'm going take a week for each.

Yesterday I worked a half day then met a friend for lunch.  She's moving to Hawaii (such a pity, right?) and I might not see her for years unless I convince The Husband we need to go.  Anyway, I had the saddest salad ever for lunch.  I 86'd the cheese, tortilla strips, and corn salsa from the salad and I used salsa for dressing.  That wasn't the problem, the problem was the portion sizes.  It was a big plate of lettuce with maybe 2 oz of grilled chicken and 1/8 of an avocado with a sprinkling of bacon bits and chopped red peppers.  Despite the lacking the portion size, it was tasty and I wasn't hungry anymore.  Guess I can't really complain, then?

Last night I tasked The Husband with grilling up some steak, chicken breasts, and some burgers so we'd have some protein for the week.  We ate grilled veggies and burgers last night, tonight is busy so we'll just have the grilled chicken.  Actually, every night this week is busy! Band practice, homecoming parade, more band practice, orthodontist appointments, a football game Friday and so on.  I knew if I didn't have some stuff ready, I'd be scrambling.

I'm still sleeping great except for getting up to pee two times per night.  I fear that will never change, I can't remember a night when I didn't get up at least once.  I've been meaning to analyze my FitBit data to see if I'm less restless and whatnot.

So basically this is all very boring.  I'm planning, I'm eating, I'm feeling great, etc.

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