Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Whole 30 Day Nine: Zoodles are not pasta, seltzer is not wine, and other truths

Today is my 14th wedding anniversary.  Go me!  Go us.  We had a rough patch six years ago, but it's been mostly smooth sailing ever since.  Normally on this day The Husband would bring home my favorite IPA or a nice bottle of wine.  We'd get a little tipsy and then eat something super delicious that I didn't have to cook.

Things are a little different this year.  First of all, I have seltzer not wine.  And I'm making my own dinner.  And I'm having zucchini noodles (zoodles).  While zucchini is delicious, it is not pasta.  Sidenote:  Do you have trouble spelling zucchini?  I do.  I'm a great speller, but I always, always, always want to put one c and two n's.  Anyway.  I'm sure this meal will be fabulous, but it's certainly lacking the indulgent anniversary dinner qualities that usually come along with any meal eaten on September 22.  I couldn't find a compliant marinara at the store (added sugar), so I made my own.  I used hot Italian sausage for protein.  I found a decent sausage [insert joke here], but it had sugar on its ingredients list.  Guess what?  I bought it.  I cooked it.  I'm going to eat it. Fuck it.  The overall sugars for per serving was zero, so I feel okay about the minuscule amount of sugar that was contained in the sausage spice mix.

School was a bit crazy today.  I had fewer classes to teach because while I was subbing with my same students, I was filling in for the lead math teacher, not the co-teacher.  I only had to teach math, not math and science.  At about 11:30 I felt like I needed a drink, but that was because 3rd period was OUT OF CONTROL.  They've never been like that for me before.  It was crazytown.  I got a break at 4th period, so I ate my salad and regrouped.  I got to see a few of my buddies from across the hall from Friday, so that made me happy.  And I forgot I needed a neat bourbon.  Then 5th period came in and it was so very different.  They were far less crazy than their counterparts.  And when I left after class, one girl exclaimed, "What do you mean you're leaving?  You usually stay for science too!  Don't leave!!!!" and another kid told me I was his favorite teacher.   So that totally made my day.   And these teachers.  And their lounge.  There's always something on the table that says "help yourself".  And it's usually cake or some sweet bread of some sort.  Today's offering was banana bread.  I'm going to leave a bowl of kale on Friday and see what happens.

I hit the store after school to buy the non-compliant sausage, zucchini and stuff for brunch tomorrow.  Schools are closed and a friend invited me to lunch since she's not working either.  I didn't want to have to try to find something I could eat out at a restaurant, so I counteroffered with an invite for brunch at my house.  I'm making a some eggs, home fries, blueberry muffins for the kiddos, fresh fruit and coffee, juice, etc.  This way I know that I'm compliant.  Unless I decide to throw some of that sausage in the eggs.  You never know.  I'm feeling crazy!

As to how I'm feeling, I feel like this is a good thing for my body.  I'm less achy than I have been after being in the classroom all day.  I went to the store after work and didn't bitch about it.  I wouldn't turn down a long walk right now.  Normally by 6:30 I'm exhausted and, as The Husband likes to call it, I've retired to my chambers.  While I'm tired, I'm not beat.  I feel less fluffy.  I do have fleeting moments of wanting to eat a bag of chips or a whole pizza, but they pass.

So that's today.  I'm going to go eat my fancy anniversary dinner now.  Here's what it looks like.

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Elizabeth Boyce said...

That meal looks delightful! Are the "zoodles" something you make with a gizmo, or do you buy them, ready-zoodled? I am something of a pasta fiend. We eat something pasta based pretty much once a week. If I can swap noodles for zoodles every now and again, that would be a positive change in our family's diet.